Phil Nugent Global is a Houston based company that offers dynamic oil and gas solutions to various integrated energy companies in West Africa. Phil Nugent Global has been clearly identified as the go-to company for energy related services in Nigeria inclusive of Power Generation, Natural Gas Processing and Early Production Facilities for marginal oil and gas production.

Mr. Phil H. Nugent, owner of the company, is an entrepreneur and a pioneer in the international oil and gas industry.  He has been instrumental in introducing companies such as Conoco, BP, and Statoil to offshore exploration off the coast of West Africa. He has successfully represented and consulted for major upstream oil and gas companies as well as independent oil companies. Nugent has been a forerunner for the oil and gas partnership between the U.S. and Nigeria over the last 30 years. Learn more about Phil.

What we do:
In principle we are a quarterback on project development: figure out the plays to use, lead the players in making these plays and we run projects forward to the goal line (signed contracts).  But unlike minutes in the NFL, in the international oil and gas business it can take years!  Stamina and persistence as a team member remains key, just like the NFL, in meeting the objectives of the team owners!  

Broadly, we accomplish tasks such as:

  • Problem Identification – thinking it out
  • Making a plan, proposal development, selection and alignment of team members for success in meeting the customer’s project requirements
  • Translating plans into turnkey Oil and Gas industry solutions

Typical markets served:

  • Offshore Drilling Rigs
  • Exploration & Production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Natural Gas Processing Services
  • Emergency Power Generation systems

Typical services provided:

  • Management Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Project Management, Engineering, Construction and Logistics