Phil NugentMr. Phil H. Nugent is an entrepreneur and a pioneer in the course of his forty three year career in the international oil and gas industry.  He has been instrumental in introducing companies such as Conoco, BP, and Statoil to offshore exploration off the coast of West Africa. He has successfully represented and consulted for major upstream oil and gas companies as well as independent oil companies. Mr. Nugent has been a forerunner for the oil and gas partnership between the U.S. and Nigeria over the last 30 years.

Oil in the blood

Mr. Nugent was exposed to the oil and gas industry from a young age. Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, his father, Philip M. (“Hunkey”) Nugent, was a rig mechanic for The Superior Oil Company. The company, based in Lafayette, Houston, and Los Angeles, was later acquired by Mobile Oil in 1978. Mr. Nugent started his oil and gas industry experience while in high school and continued through college as a roustabout and roughneck for The Superior Oil Company.

The National Football League in the United States (if you live in a soccer playing country, this is like playing for Manchester United or Real Madrid!)Phil Nugent at Tulane University

As a young man, Nugent received a full athletic scholarship to play football at Tulane University in New Orleans. After finishing college, Mr. Nugent was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the second round to play under Vince Lombardi who years later has become famous and inspired many as an American sports and leadership icon. Phil NugentAs head coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers (1959-67), he imposed a strenuous regimen and led the team to five NFL championships (1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967) and to victories in Super Bowls I and II (1967, 1968). Because of his success, he became a national symbol of single minded determination to win. The Denver Broncos later signed Mr. Nugent for four years, where he led the league in interceptions. His time as a combination quarterback/defensive back in the NFL taught him the value of dedication, determination, leadership and accomplishment – traits that would resonate throughout his career in the years to follow.

All star team
The Pick of the Nation - They'll Battle the Philadelphia Eagles
Their brilliant performances on college gridirons earned these All-Americans places on the 1961 All-Star squad which meets the National league champions on Friday night. Phil Nugent, Quarterback.
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Career beginnings in oilfield service companies

Port of Iberia, Louisiana Manufacturing-Loading Facility. Shown with Jack Merrill, Construction Superintendent
Gulf Marine Fabricators, Inc., 1970 - Port of Iberia, Louisiana Manufacturing-Loading Facility. Shown with Jack Merrill, Construction Superintendent observing Fabrication and load out process.

Mr. Nugent’s career started in 1967, when he ventured out as a drilling contractor and owner/operator of two land-based rigs in Lafayette.

In 1969, Mr. Nugent formed Gulf Marine Industries, Inc., as a major stockholder, comprised of three entities: Gulf Marine Fabricators, Inc., Gulf Marine Applicators, Inc., and Gulf Marine Rental and Supply, Inc. By the end of the 1970s, Gulf Marine Fabricators had grown into a successful enterprise employing more than 2,200 people in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1972, Gulf Marine Fabricators completed the largest (heaviest by tonnage) compressor module package at 850 tons using the rail load out method from an onshore fabrication site onto an ocean-going barge. This transfer was the first of its kind and was performed at the Gulf Marine Fabricators facility at the Port of Iberia, Louisiana in cooperation with Gulf Oil and destined to Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Gulf Marine Applicators, Inc. was a sand blasting, corrosion control company specializing in surface preparation for marine-based equipment applying exotic coatings for the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Also under the umbrella of Gulf Marine Industries, Inc., was Gulf Marine Rental and Supply Corporation, an Ingersoll Rand Distributor. GMRS was one of the largest Air and Power equipment distributors for the drilling production and petro-chemical industries.

In 1978, Mr. Nugent became the president and co-founder of Drill Chem International, Inc. Drill Chem was a specialized major producer of down-hole chemical and drilling fluids with service to drilling contractors and producers in the Gulf Coast, Mexico as well as international markets.

A stint running an operating oil and gas company

Mr. Nugent’s entrepreneurship continued in 1980 when he became the president and stockholder for Dant Petroleum Corporation. Dant exclusively drilled for oil and gas in the onshore and shallow waters of the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

An early role in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)

Department of EnergyMr. Nugent’s next venture was the most personal of all, the founding of PHN (Phil H. Nugent), Ltd. in 1974. PHN, Ltd became a principal vendor and supplier to the newly formed SPR Program (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) under the United States Department of Energy. This program was authorized by the US Congress and now holds 850 million barrels of crude oil underground in salt domes located in Texas and Louisiana. Mr. Nugent’s role in this program was as the largest supplier and vendor of various sizes of crushed limestone brought down the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge, LA and Galveston, TX.

This SPR Program is designed to hold in storage enough crude to get the United States economy through 68 days of internal consumption in the event of unexpected interruption.

Entry to the West Africa arena - Allied Energy

In 1989, Mr. Nugent along with Mr. Howard Wolfe of The international law firm of Fulbright Jaworski formed Allied Energy, a Texas corporation.

Pioneering ventures in Nigeria

Shortly after forming Allied Energy, Mr. Nugent was successful in having Placid Oil of Dallas, Texas come to Nigeria for a visit with Dr. Rilwanu Lukman, Nigerian Oil minister to discuss offshore drilling opportunities and a crude oil supply contract for Placid’s Baton Rouge  Oil refinery (Port Allen, LA).  Following this successful venture with Placid, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company along with the Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Dr. Jabril Aminu instituted the first Nigerian Indigenous upstream oil and gas policy and through this new policy, Allied were awarded their first exploratory concession.

Subsequent to this award, a first ever for West Africa upstream oil and gas, Conoco Oil Company, Houston Texas agreed to a joint venture with Allied along with three other indigenous Nigerian companies; Cavendish Petroleum, Express Oil and Gas and Oriental Petroleum, Ltd. All of which were represented by Allied in the farm in- farm out process. This program involved multiple trips from Houston to Paris, London, Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Maiduguri in Nigeria to formalize the agreements.

Nigerian Government retains Oceanic Contractors
to oversee work by major US contractors

Acting on behalf of the Nigerian government, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) retained Oceanic Consultants, Inc., a Texas corporation, to oversee the work of major US contractors such as Bechtel in their work for the Chevron operated NGL plant in the Delta region of Nigeria during 1996-1998. 

Oceanic Consultants, Inc. was formed by Mr. Nugent to fulfill commitments he had made to the Nigerian government of adequate performance of US contractors on projects in Nigeria.

Major new business in West Africa secured for Conoco

image 3

Palace of Alhaji Mai Deribe in Maiduguri, Nigeria.
1992 - Prior to signing ceremony to the CONOCO farm-in to exploratory blocks.

Left to Right:
Phil H. Nugent, President, Allied Energy Corporation, Alhaji Mai Deribe, Chairman, Cavindish Petroleum, LTD., Alhaji Indimi, Chairman, Oriental Oil & Gas, LTD.,

This was followed by collaboration with Conoco and discovery of the Ukpokiti field in 1992, producing first oil in 1997 as one of the first FPSO developments in West Africa. Conoco Oil Company (owned by DuPont, Inc. at the time: 1988, 1989) was engaged in an exploratory drilling campaign in the Federal Republic of the Congo, West Africa. Conoco Inc. had recently drilled seven non-commercial wells and was still desirous to continue exploring in West Africa. Mr. Nugent, as President of Allied Energy Corporation was instrumental in convincing  them to join with his company, Allied Energy, Inc. as the lead facilitator in that program. In order to accomplish the multiple trips back and forth from Houston to London, Paris and West Africa, the Nugent team was assigned a Gulf Stream Aircraft owned by Conoco to solidify this project. Through Mr. Nugent’s undertaking, Conoco was awarded 40% participation in Allied’s four exploratory blocks.

Followed by deepwater commitments in West Africa for BP and Statoil

In another joint venture, British Petroleum and its joint venture partner, Statoil of Norway, joined with Allied Energy, Inc. to drill the first ever deepwater well in West Africa. This program successfully discovered a new field with the OYO # 1 well which is currently under a production scheme utilizing a FPSO and operated by AGIP.

Government to government negotiations created a new deepwater exploration region

image 12
Closing, February 15,2001
Acquisition of Controlling interest of ERHE, Energy Inc. by Emeka Offor, Chairman, Chrome Oil Services, LTD. from Geoffrey Tirman, Executive Director, President, Talisman Capital Corporation.

Additionally, Mr. Nugent has been a primary and driving factor behind the first ever Joint Development Zone (JDZ) in the African Hemisphere. This effort included recognition by the United Nations accepting boundary coordinates between two sovereign nations, namely The Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome-Principe to effectively share proceeds in any hydrocarbons extracted from an area adjacent to other highly prospective regions.

Mr. Nugent was also instrumental in introducing ERHE, a publically traded company to Sir Emeka Offor, a Nigerian Industrialist to purchase a majority share interest. Today, this company enjoys the one of the largest acreage positions in the Gulf of Guinea along with its operating partner Sinopec of China. A five (5) well exploration program was successfully completed in 5 months in 7,000 feet of water during 2009, creating values to the co-venturers that many now believe are in the $billions.

From the first work on the JDZ concept to current drilling has demanded persistence and vision – it has been an eleven (11) year program.

Advisor to many operating oil companies in West Africa

Mr. Nugent has been involved in other energy consulting opportunities with U.S. major and independent energy companies such as Marathon, Triton Exploration (now Hess), Burlington Resources (now ConocoPhillips), Spinnaker (now Statoil) and is still active in providing consulting activities and services with US majors and independents in North America, West Africa and the Pacific.

2010 and the future

PlaqueCurrently, Nugent is Chief Executive Officer and a founder and director of
, a Texas corporation formed to provide the services of  the Strategic Offshore Crude Oil Storage System (SOCOSSTM) which offers a free market way to seriously reduce disruptive forces in Nigeria and improve the revenues for the
benefit of Nigeria. Secondarily, it helps provide continued reliable crude oil supplies to the United States.

On Dec. 8, 2009, Nugent along with co inventors received a United States Patent for the system and method for secure offshore storage of crude oil or refined petroleum products.

Mr. Nugent is married and lives in Houston.