Conoco Dupont Nigeria


Acquisition of exploration acreages in Nigerian waters

Dates: 1998-2000

Project: Advisor and consultant on the acquisition by Conoco Dupont of  offshore block OPL 222 and subsequent exploratory development with the discovery of natural gas

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    Official visit to Emir of Kano
    Official courtesy visit to the Emir of Kano, the most powerful person in Northern Nigeria and head of the muslim Religous sect. Visit to the separate places of Alajhi Mai Deribe and Alajhi Indimi.

    Left to Right:
    A. Phil H. Nugent, President, Allied Energy Corporation
    B. Aminu Adamu, Managin Director, Express Oil & Gas, LTD.
    C. The Emir of Kano
    D. Tom O'Dell, President, Conoco, International
    E. Alhaji Muhammed Indimi, Chairman, Oriental Petroleum Company, LTD.
    F. Mike Johnson, Conoco, Vice President, Worldwide Exploration & Production

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    Official Visit
    1992 Palace of Alhaji Mai Deribe in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Prior to signing ceremony to the CONOCO farm-in to exploratory blocks.

    Left to Right:
    A. Phil H. Nugent, President, Allied Energy Corporation
    B. Alhaji Mai Deribe, Chairman, Cavindish Petroleum, LTD.
    C. Alhaji Indimi, Chairman, Oriental Oil & Gas, LTD.

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    Operations Committee Meeting
    October 16, 1992, Zoetermeer, Nederlands. Taking minutes of the quarterly OCM (Operators Committee Meeting) to approve budgetary and expenditure items.

    A. Conoco-Dupont officials
    B. Phil Nugent, President, Allied Energy Corporation
    C. Nigerian Chairman: Express Petroleum
    D. Cavindish Oil & Gas, LTD.
    E. Oriental Oil & Gas, LTD.
    F. Pacatlantic Energy LTD.