Oceanic Consultants, Inc.

Retention by Nigerian Government to oversee work by major contractors

Dates: 1994-1998

Coastal Nigeria: States and Major Roads
Oceanic Consultants, Inc., a Texas corporation, was formed in 1994 by Mr. Nugent to fulfill commitments he had made to the Nigerian government of adequate performance of US contractors on projects in Nigeria.   In this unusual and critically important independent role, Oceanic Consultants employed a team of more than a hundred engineers and project management professionals located in Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos and London during 1994-1998.

Acting on behalf of the Nigerian government, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) retained Oceanic Consultants, Inc., to oversee the work of major US contractors such as Bechtel in their work for the Chevron operated NGL plant in the Delta region of Nigeria during 1996-1998.

Similarly for the Bonny Terminal provided and installed by IPCO Marine in 1994-1996, a team from Oceanic Consultants acted for NNPC in ensuring performance according to contract and the direction of NNPC.  



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