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Petrolog Caldive West Africa, LTD

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Assistance in joint venture

Dates: 2010-Present

Mr. Nugent served as Facilitator to bring together, introduce and represent both ( Petrolog and Cal Dive) parties interest to fashion an equitable Joint Venture affecting seven major  West African Oil and Gas producing nations.

He presently serves as a Director on the 6 member Board and is responsible for business development, consultation on Energy, Governance, Compliance and Regulatory  related issues.

Petrolog International (www.
Is a world class company serving the Oil and Gas Industry in Drilling Services, Engineering, Geophysical Exploration, Offshore Construction, Mud Logging.
They are represented on 4 continents, have a workforce of 670 employees and are positioned to respond to client needs globally.

Petrolog was founded thirty five years ago and is the oldest indigenous West African Oil and Gas Service Company

Cal Dive International  (
Has been a market leader for over 30 years in offshore construction, inspection, maintenance, repair and decommissioning of production and pipeline infrastructure.

Cal Dive International provides manned diving, derrick, pipelay and pipe burial services to the offshore oil and natural gas industry. Customers include major and independent oil and gas producers, pipeline transmission companies and offshore engineering and construction firms.